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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Eating Fit & Fabulous on a Friday Night

"I eat healthy during the week, but something about the weekend throws me off track."

I've heard this common sentiment many times and can personally attest to the phenonena as well. We eat our GRILLED, BAKED (not fried) fish, chicken, and lean beef with veggies and water all week with minimal to no problems. Yet, on Friday at 5pm, maybe earlier for others, all that focus and willpower is left at work on the desk with the "to-do" list that we plan to return to Monday morning.

So what happens? There are a number of answers to this question, but the one I want to focus on is: social eating and drinking. We go out to eat with our friends, family, and spouses and we reach for the comfort foods because in our minds the weekend and socializing says "relax." In this society we are always working hard so we do NEED to relax because we don't want to have heart attacks from stress or binge eating because of overly strict dieting. However, let me encourage you to "relax with consciousness".

Last night I "relaxed with consiousness" on date night with my boyfriend at Chili's. I'll admit there were lots of entrees that appealed to my senses based on the descriptions and pictures(i.e. chili cheese fries). Yet, I was conscious of the fact that:

1)I didn't want to feel guilty afterwards

2)I certainly didn't plan to stay up late or get up early this morning to attempt to burn off the calories.

Thus, I had the Margarita Chicken plate that was described as "tender, juicy chicken breast, marinated with our classic Margarita flavoring and grilled to perfection. Served with rice, black beans, tortilla strips & pico de gallo." Sounds great right? In fact it was! I substituted the rice for steamed broccoli and had the strips and pico on the side because I didn't know how much they would put on there; which wound up being a good serving size of a couple table spoons. I drank tea and refrained from dessert. I ate fit and left feeling fabulous because I wasn't too full and I knew I wasn't going to have to get up this morning and try to hurt myself in my workout like I do many of you in my classes. Haha!
Stay fit and fabuolus on the weekdays AND weekends! Yet, if you get off track or have a hard time staying focused on your health and fitness goals email me at: shouse@staciehouse.net to get fitness training or nutrition coaching. Don't forget to visit www.fit2befab.com for a list of other health and fitness services that I can provide to you or others close to you.

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